CDE Online Validating Exam Reviewer- English

This Comprehensive Driver’s Education practice test is comprised of 25 questions in multiple-choice format. It covers road safety topics including road etiquette and drivers’ duties, responsibilities, and legal rights, traffic rules and regulations, and land transportation-related laws. Choose the best answer from the choices.Try to get at least 20 correct answers to pass the actual CDE exam and to be ready to renew your driver’s license.


CDE Online Validating Exam Reviewer- English

Can an expired child restraint system be used when it still looks in good shape?

What is the initial Driver’s License Classification for applicants of new license?

What type of motor vehicles are covered by the Motor Vehicle User’s Charge Law?

Who is exempted from Republic Act No. 10666 or Children’s Safety on Motorcycle Act?

Which of the following is the objective of Motor Vehicle User's Charge Law?

When you are about to turn left then a fast-moving vehicle from the other side of the road suddenly heads to the direction you intended to turn. What will you do?

A 30-day suspension of the driver’s license shall be imposed if:

What do you need before crossing a primary highway?

What are the three field sobriety tests?

Registration of motor vehicle may be suspended if:

What will happen if the driver refuses to undergo mandatory testing if such a driver is suspected of driving under the influence of liquor?

Under R.A. No. 11229, What is the allowable age that a child may sit in the front passenger seat of a car?

What is the ultimate result of a road rage?

What shall be the color of auxiliary lamps installed at the front of a vehicle?

Who are responsible if a motorcycle was used in the commission of a crime?

With these pavement markings, can the vehicle overtake on the side of the broken line?

broken yellow line on the pavement

If your vehicle is stopped at an intersection, in what color of traffic light can you use your mobile phone?

How do you respond to a situation where you are approaching your garage to your right and you need to pass on a bike lane that is open, but a speeding SUV unexpectedly uses the bike lane to overtake you?

Can a driver use a photocopy of driver’s license while driving?

Can a driver be given a 10-year validity license if he/she has a traffic violation/s?

This warning sign indicates that a driver has to take precautions as:

slippery when wet



Can a driver who had the opportunity to avoid a road crash and neglected to avoid such road crash be jointly held liable?

When shall an Alcohol Breath Analyzer (ABA) be used?

When may you lend your driver’s license?

Is using a mobile phone illegal while driving?

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