LTO CDE Exam Reviewer | Online Validation Exam

Renewing your driver’s license with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) requires you to pass the Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) Online Validation Exam. This exam is part of the CDE course, which will help you improve your driving skills, road safety knowledge, and proper road etiquette. You can take the CDE course and exam online through the LTMS portal, which is more convenient than taking them in person.

After passing the CDE Online Validation Exam, you will be able to print the CDE Certificate, which is one of the requirements when renewing your driver’s license.

CDE Reviewer with Mock Tests

You need to get at least 20 correct answers out of 25 questions to pass the CDE Online Validation Exam. This means you need to score 80% or higher on the online test. Do not worry; the examination is in multiple-choice format, and there is no time limit. If you fail, you can always try it again.

We created this online reviewer for you to pass the CDE in one take. The reviewers are formatted as mock tests, and you can immediately tell if you are correct or not. The reviewer has questions that are similar to the actual exam. You can practice with more than 25 questions, as they change and are randomized every time you take the test again. This will help you prepare for the LTO CDE Exam.

CDE Exam Coverage

The actual examination and the online reviewers here cover the different topics about:

Road Safety

1. Road etiquette, dealing with driving stress, and avoiding road rage
2. The causes of traffic accidents and how to avoid them
3. Engine breakdowns: what causes them and how to avoid them
4. Roadside emergencies: how to respond and what to do in an emergency.
5. A driver’s duties, responsibilities, and legal rights

Traffic Rules and Regulations

1. Road discipline
2. Identifying traffic signals, traffic signs, and road markings
3. The proper use of highways and expressways

1. RA 4136 – Traffic and administrative rules, policies and regulations, fines, penalties, and demerit system. Pay special attention to overspeeding and overloading.
2. Special laws on driving such as the Anti-Drunk and Drugged Driving Act (RA 10586), the Seatbelt Law (RA 8750), the Anti-Distraction Driving Law (RA 10913), Child Safety in Motor Vehicle Act (RA 11229).

Tips to Pass the Exam

You can access the free CDE refresher course on the LTMS Portal provided by the Land Transportation Office. To do so, log in to the system and click the E-Learning tab. Then, click the Driver’s License Renewal Course option and choose your preferred refresher course, either through audiovisual or presentation material.

During the exam, read the questions and the choices carefully. There are no trick questions, so do not overthink. All the answers are based on the CDE course. If you pay attention to the audiovisual or presentation material and understand it well, you will pass the exam easily.

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