How to Get MTOP or Franchise for Tricycle: 2024 Guide

Motorized tricycles are a common mode of transportation and livelihood in the Philippines. They offer convenience, affordability, and accessibility to many commuters and customers. However, operating a motorized tricycle as a livelihood is not as simple as buying one and hitting the road. There are legal and regulatory requirements that must be met by the owners and drivers of these vehicles.

One of the most important documents that a motorized tricycle owner or driver needs to have is the Motorized Tricycle Operator’s Permit (MTOP). This is a franchise (prangkisa) or license that grants the right to operate a motorized tricycle for hire over specified zones within a municipality. The local government unit (LGU) is responsible for issuing the MTOP. It also serves as a prerequisite for the renewal of the registration of the for-hire motorized tricycle unit at the Land Transportation Office (LTO). Without a valid MTOP, a motorized tricycle cannot legally operate as a public utility vehicle.

Requirements for MTOP

There is no standardized guideline that lists the requirements for MTOP. The documents needed vary depending on the municipality or city where you want to get the franchise. Some LGUs require voter’s ID, some require court clearances, and so on. However, for the purpose of this article, we will list the most common documents needed to obtain the MTOP.

  • updated Official Receipt and Certificate of Registration
  • Community Tax Certificate or Cedula
  • Barangay Clearance
  • copy of the Professional Driver’s License with DL code A1

Please note that the Certificate of Registration and Official Receipt of the motorcycle must be in the name of the applicant.

For the complete list of requirements, go to the Business Permit and License Office—Franchising Section of your city or municipality and ask for their assistance.

How to Apply for a Tricycle Franchise

Just like the requirements, there are no standardized instructions on where you will get this permit. In some cities and municipalities, you can get this from the Business Permit and License Office—Franchising Section. In some LGUs, you can get this from the Sangguniang Bayan office. To be sure, ask the customer help desk in the city or town hall lobby.

  1. Visit the office that handles the MTOP and submit your documents. The staff will review and verify the documents for accuracy and completeness. If all is well, they will give you the Motorized Tricycle Franchise application form. Fill it out and submit it to the processing officer along with the requirements.
  2. After the submission of the required documents, wait for the schedule of the inspection of the tricycle.
  3. Bring the tricycle for inspection and stenciling of the body chassis and engine number.
  4. After the inspection, the officer will give you a payment order. Pay the corresponding fee at the Treasurer’s Office and secure the official receipt.
  5. Return to the licensing office and present the official receipt of payment.
  6. Wait for the instructions and notification through text message to claim the Provisional Franchise and MTOP.
  7. Return to the franchise licensing office upon being notified of the release of the MTOP and provisional Tricycle Franchise.

The MTOP issuance may take up to twenty days in some LGUs, depending on the applicant volume.

Schedule of Fees for Motorized Tricycle Operator’s Permit

Here are the fees you have to pay when getting a franchise for your tricycle:

Mayor’s Permit₱200.00
Annual Franchise Fee₱720.00
Confirmation Fee₱150.00
Occupational Fee₱150.00
Filing Fee₱200.00
Regulatory Fee₱100.00
Certification Fee₱50.00
Parking Fee₱600.00
Application Fee₱50.00
Business Plate₱200.00
Fare Matrix₱100.00
Subscription Fee₱50.00

The amount you need to pay may differ based on the city or municipality where you apply. Therefore, this is only an approximate figure, but prepare to shell out close to this amount.

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