Updated Schedule of Renewal of Driver’s License

Last month, due to the shortage of plastic cards used for printing driver’s licenses, the LTO extended the validity of driver’s licenses from April 1, 2023, onwards. Because the delivery of the supply of plastic driver’s licenses resumed again, the renewal of driver’s licenses that expired from April 1 to September 2023 can now be renewed on this set schedule:

APRIL 01-30, 2023OCTOBER 06-31, 2023
MAY 01-31, 2023NOVEMBER 01-30, 2023
JUNE 01-30, 2023DECEMBER 01-31, 2023
JULY 01-31, 2023FEBRUARY 01-29, 2024
AUGUST 01-31, 2023FEBRUARY 01-29, 2024
SEPTEMBER 01-30, 2023MARCH 01-31, 2023
LTO schedule of renewal

Please renew your expired driver’s license on your scheduled renewal date. Failing to renew the driver’s license on the specified date will result in its automatic expiration.

Why is There a Plastic Card Shortage?

The plastic card shortage has been plaguing the LTO for years and was passed along by three other heads of the LTO before the current LTO chief, Vigor Mendoza II, took office. The main reason for the shortage is a legal dispute between the LTO and one of the bidders for the contract to supply the plastic cards.

On Mendoza’s first day in office, the LTO received an initial batch of at least 5,000 plastic cards, but soon after that, a temporary restraining order stopped the delivery and production of additional cards.

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