List: LTO Branches Open on Saturdays

Many people have busy schedules and cannot afford to take a day off from work for important matters like applying for or renewing their driver’s license. Some employers even forbid their employees from taking a leave unless they have a substitute. I know this from personal experience, as I faced this problem in one of my previous jobs. So, what can we do if we need to renew our LTO driver’s license but are unavailable on weekdays?

Fortunately, the LTO has a solution for this issue. They are now offering licensing transactions at selected licensing centers on Saturdays. This is a great initiative from the LTO, as it allows us to take care of our licensing needs without disrupting our work commitments. However, not all LTO offices are open on weekends. To find out which ones are, please check out the post below.

List of LTO Offices That Are Open on Saturdays

The list below shows the LTO offices that offer driver’s license applications and renewals on Saturdays. Their operating hours are Monday to Saturday, except holidays. They are also usually closed on the third Saturday of every month for system maintenance. To avoid any inconvenience, you should call them first and verify if they are open on weekends.

LTO Quezon City Licensing Center

Address: LTO Main Compound, East Avenue, Quezon City
Contact Number: 436-5094 / 436-3092 (Renewal Section)
FB Page:

LTO-PITX Paranaque Licensing Center

Address: 2nd Floor, PITX 1, Kennedy Road, Tambo, Paranaque City
Contact Number: 09167351880 / 
FB Page:

LTO San Juan Licensing Center

Address: 108 San Juan Commercial Complex Building, N. Domingo Street, Brgy. Pedro Cruz, City of San Juan
Contact Number: 282821693
FB Page:

We are still updating this list with more LTO offices that operate on Saturdays. If you have any information about an LTO office that is open on weekends, please share it with us in the comments section below.


The LTO has made it easier for us to take care of our licensing transactions without sacrificing our work hours. By opening their offices on Saturdays, we can preserve our leave credits for our family trips. We hope that this initiative will be implemented nationwide so that everyone can enjoy the convenience, not just those in the major cities of the Philippines. Kudos to the LTO for this initiative!

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