LTO Guidelines on Mini Driving Lights: Are They Legal in LTO?

Do you want to install mini driving lights on your motorcycle but are unsure if it is legal and that the LTO won’t issue a violation ticket? There are different reasons why we put mini driving lights (MDL) or auxiliary lights on our motorcycles. Some do it for style, and some do it to help them drive at night. This is because the stock headlights are not really that bright, especially when it is raining.

If you are interested in installing MDL, it is important that you first know the guidelines of the LTO regarding this matter. You should first know the right light, the right color, where to put it, and how many bulbs are allowed. In this article, we will clarify the LTO guidelines on auxiliary lights or mini driving lights, and we will also discuss the topic of fog lamps. Please read on.

What Are Mini Driving Lights?

Mini driving lights are small lamps that people add to their motorcycles for various reasons. They help increase the illumination and visibility of motorcycles, especially in low-light conditions. They also enhance the style and uniqueness of motorcycles. These lamps vary in size, power output, and number of LED bulbs. They are affordable, useful, and attractive. That is why many people choose to install them on their motorcycles.

Advantages of Mini Driving Lights

Here are some of the benefits of using mini-driving lights on a motorcycle:

  • Visibility: Mini driving lights enhance the visibility of the motorcycle, making it more noticeable to other road users. This can be particularly important in low-light conditions, such as at dawn or dusk or when it is raining.
  • Safety: By enhancing the rider’s ability to see the road ahead, mini driving lights’ additional lighting can increase safety.
  • Aesthetics: Some riders also install mini-driving lights for aesthetic purposes. You can customized these lights to add a personalized touch to the motorcycle’s appearance.

LTO Guidelines on Mini Driving Lights Installation

The legality of mini driving lights is supported by two LTO memos. The first one is the Rules and Regulations Concerning Motorcycle Lights, issued on March 15, 2016. The second one is the LTO Memorandum Circular no. 2020-2240, issued on December 20, 2022. These memos state that mini driving lights or auxiliary lights are legal, as long as they follow these parameters:

  • You can have up to two (2) mini-driving lights or auxiliary lights.
  • You must wire them independently and have separate switches for them.
  • The color of the auxiliary headlamp must be white. Using red, orange, and other colors is not allowed.
  • They must be installed in such a way that they will not be disturbed by vibrations or shocks. So, you cannot install them in any moving part of your vehicle, like the shock absorbers.
  • You must not operate the lights on well-lit streets within city limits, municipalities, or thickly populated villages. You are also required to turn them off whenever you meet another vehicle on any public highway.
  • A maximum of six bulbs per auxiliary lamp is allowed and shall not be combined as one or installed or placed side-by-side as a bar.
  • The deviation of the optic axis direction must be at least twenty (20) centimeters downwards at ten (10) meters forward. This rule means that the light must point down enough so that it does not blind other drivers on the road.
  • You must install the lights not higher than the handlebars of the motorcycles or scooters. So, installing them on top of the handlebar is not allowed.
  • Lastly, the auxiliary lamp or mini driving lights cannot be used as replacements to the headlamp. It means that if you have a busted headlamp or you do not have one, you are not allowed to drive the vehicle at night even if you use the mini driving lights.

How About Fog Lamps? Are They Legal Too?

Yes, they are legal according to the same memos stated above.  However, you must strictly observe the following if you install or fit them:

  • In case of motorcycles, only one (1) front fog lamp is allowed by the LTO.
  • The fog lamp may be lighted only during instances of thick fog, heavy rain, or similar conditions.
  • The fog lamp must have its own switch, independent from the headlight.


If you want to improve your visibility at night, you should have an auxiliary light to complement your stock headlights. Many roads in our country are poorly lit, so having an extra light can help you see better and avoid accidents. But before you buy and install any aftermarket lights, you need to know the LTO guidelines and legalities about these parts. Otherwise, you might get caught and fined by the LTO for violating the rules. You also need to respect other drivers and not blind them with your lights. So, make sure you follow the LTO memos and parameters for installing and using auxiliary lights. This way, you can enjoy a safer and more comfortable ride at night.

19 thoughts on “LTO Guidelines on Mini Driving Lights: Are They Legal in LTO?”

  1. Is it legal to motor cycle 400cc up to install one pair of auxiliary light, at the same time one pair of fog light?

  2. Greetings!

    The traffic law enforcer gave apprehesion ticket for having unnecessary lights (little blue light next to the head light – (straight from the factory/ NOT MODIFIED) when in fact the lights were not used because the incident happened during (daylight) morning? Would like to ask if there’s some kind of violation from their end? We felt (somehow) violated coz they were forcing us to immediately sign the ticket.

    • Hi. You can file a protest or complaint at the Traffic Adjudication Board of the MMDA, or the appropriate office of LTO and LGU that issued the citation ticket.

  3. So the MDL brightness(lumen) doesn’t matter as long as the auxiliary lights not exceed the number of bulb per side?

    • Yes. Neither the Rules and Regulations Concerning Motorcycle Lights memo nor the LTO Memorandum Circular no. 2020-2240 specify the brightness level for MDLs.

  4. but why almost all Bigbikes 400cc and up installed both auxlights(2) and fog lamp (2 also) at the same time and not even 1 was ticketed for fog lamp violation????? ..whyyyy???? .

  5. Good day, what is the difference between Fog light and Auxiliary light (MDL) ? I’m trying to purchase Fog light and MDL but seems like they are all the same.

    • Hi is it legal if you have a pair of mdl and 1 pair of auxilliaru lights in scooter?

  6. I forgot to switch off the auxiliary light in daylight, is
    it illegal ?

    • Yeah pretty much, it’s pretty much wasting battery while blinding others

  7. Is it legal to have the high beam of the mdl wired to the high beams of the headlights when flashing (or passing light) or turning them on? While the low beams still has a separate switch

  8. wait so only white is allowed on auxiliary lights? All of the Aux light on market has Yellow and white color. Some of them are inverted. The low light is Yellow and the high beam is white.

  9. Can i install MDL just below the signal lights?

    my motor is XRM 125

  10. “You can have up to two (2) mini-driving lights or auxiliary lights.”

    Is this “2 mini driving lights” are 2 sets or only 1 set? Big bike user here.

    • Same question here. But it seems that it means 2 sets since a pair of MDL can only have one switch. Hoping someone from LTO will clarify for us.


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