How to Get a Certificate of No Apprehension Online

If you’re working or living in another country and want to drive a car there, you’ll likely need a Certificate of No Apprehension. It is not a requirement for obtaining a driver’s license in most countries, such as Canada. However, this document will prove that you are a responsible driver, which can reduce your insurance premium.

In the past, it was such a hassle to obtain this document since you needed to visit an LTO office to get one. What if you are already in your host country? Luckily, the LTO is now implementing an online platform for these kinds of transactions. In this article, we will discuss the step-by-step process for securing a certificate of no apprehension online. Please read on.

What is a Certificate of No Apprehension?

A Certificate of No Apprehension is a document issued by the Land Transportation Office. This certificate can be requested by any motorist who has no traffic apprehensions or unresolved violations, and it can serve various legal purposes. It will prove that a driver’s license holder has a clean record and usually involves checking the LTO database for any pending apprehension or unsettled violations associated with the motorist.

Where to Apply for a Certificate of No Apprehension?

You can obtain this certificate either online or in person. If you prefer to obtain it in person, you can visit the LTO Law Enforcement and Traffic Adjudication System (LETAS) Office building located at the LTO Central Office Compound in East Avenue, Quezon City. However, if you are living outside Metro Manila, you can still make the request at any licensing center or district office that processes driver’s license transactions. Please note that the processing time for requests made outside of the LETAS office will take much longer, typically two to three weeks.

There is really no advantage to obtaining it the traditional way, as it will cost you both time and money. Therefore, we will only discuss the online application, which takes only a few minutes and is much more cost-effective, as you won’t have to pay for gas, tolls, or food compared to the in-person method.

How to Obtain an LTO Certificate of No Apprehension Online?

By adopting an online platform, it’s evident that the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has successfully transitioned into the digital age. Today, you can now obtain a Certificate of No Apprehension online. To do so, please follow the instructions below:

STEP 1: Create an LTMS account. To help you create your LTO Portal account, please follow this guide: How to Create an LTMS Portal Account

STEP 2: Log in to the system using the 15-digit username and your nominated password. On the home page screen, click the Documents tab. The page will now show a list of documents that link to your transactions in LTO. Click the No Apprehension tab and click the Apply for Certificate button under the Driver’s Licenses.

Click the No Apprehension Tab then click create certificate

STEP 3: A pop-up window will appear on the screen. Use the drop-down button to select your driver’s license and fill out the other boxes with the required information. Tap Create Certificate to proceed to the next step.

fill out the form then create certificate

STEP 4: Choose your preferred payment method to pay for the certificate. It will cost you PHP 100.00 for the certificate and an additional PHP 63.67 (GCASH) for the convenience fee.

choose payment channel then pay

STEP 5: After payment, go back to the home page. Click the Documents icon again, then tap the No Apprehension tab. You can find the No Apprehension Certificate listed under it. You can now print the certificate whenever you need it.

NOTE: When conducting this transaction, it is preferable to use a computer. However, if you don’t have access to one and must use a smartphone, you can enable desktop mode in your mobile browser. This will allow you to view the print icon and print the certificate.


Getting a Certificate of No Apprehension is not needed when getting a driver’s license from another country. However, it will greatly reduce your insurance costs (within the discretion of the insurance company, of course). It may or may not help you, but due to the ease of getting it online, it is much better to secure it before you head out on your journey to your new country. Bon Voyage!

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