How to Recover Forgotten Email and Client ID of LTO Portal

Losing access to your LTMS portal account is a no-no, especially if you are about to transact at LTO. Your LTMS Portal account is a major requirement if you are doing driver’s license renewal, student permit application, or online registration renewal of vehicles. If you lost the password, you can still do a password reset. If you lost the LTO client number, you can still log in using your email and password. But what if you have forgotten both the email and password and failed to record them during account creation? You will be locked out of your LTO portal account and cannot use it for LTO transactions.

In this article, we will discuss how to recover your lost email and LTO client ID so you can gain access to your LTO LTMS account. Please read on.

Requirements to Recover Forgotten Email and Client ID

Before you proceed to recover your LTO portal account email and client ID, please prepare the following requirements:

  1. An active email address: This is where you will receive your account email address and client ID.
  2. LTO Driver’s License: If you do not have a driver’s license yet, you can use any valid ID with a signature. Scan the front and back of the ID, then save it as a PDF or JPG.
  3. Letter of Consent: Write it legibly on a clean piece of paper. Allow LTO client care to retrieve your LTMS portal account details. It must be dated on the same day as the request. Do not forget to write your name and signature. Scan it and save it as a PDF or JPG.
  4. Current photo of you holding your valid ID. Take a picture or a selfie holding your driver’s license or valid ID. Make sure to do it in a well-lit place. The ID must be recognizable and not blurry.

Sample Letter of Consent to LTO Client Care

Here are some samples of letters of consent to authorize LTO to retrieve your log-in details. Copy it on a clean sheet of paper. The letter must be handwritten, legible, and bearing your name and signature.

October 25, 2023

Dear LTO Client Care,

I am writing this letter to request your assistance in retrieving my LTMS account email and client ID. I have forgotten the email address that I used to register for the LTMS portal and I cannot access my account.

I hereby give you my consent to access the LTMS account in your database and provide me with the information that I need.

Please find attached a copy of my valid ID with signature and a current photo of me holding the same ID. My license number is [driver’s license number].

Thank you for your prompt and courteous service.


Your name and signature

Forgotten Email and Client ID Recovery

There is no way you can retrieve your LTO Portal account details without directly contacting LTO. However, you can do it online through email. To do this, please follow this guide:

STEP 1: Go to your email client or (if using gmail) or (if you are using yahoo mail).

STEP 2: Write your full name (surname, first name, middle name) and driver’s license number (if you already have one). Please check the image for your reference.

sample email to ltoclient care

STEP 3. Attach the digital copies of your ID, letter of consent, and photo of you holding the ID.

STEP 4: Send the email to to retrieve your LTO portal account log-in details.

Wait for 3–4 days for the LTO to send your log-in details, depending on the number of requests they receive per day. If there is no email from LTO after four or more days, go to the nearest LTO District Office and process it on site.

Sample Email for LTO Portal Email and Client ID Recovery

Here are some sample emails if you have trouble composing one. You can write it in either English or Filipino.

Dear LTO Client Care,

I am writing to request your assistance in retrieving my LTMS account email and client ID. Unfortunately, I have forgotten both of these details and am unable to log in to my account.

To help verify my identity, I have attached a copy of my driver’s license, a consent letter, and a picture of me holding the ID. Please let me know if there are any other documents or information that I need to provide.

You can send the email and client ID to my email address,

Thank you for your help in this matter. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

[Your Name]

Dear LTO Client Care,

Nais kong humiling ng tulong upang mabawi ang aking LTMS account email at client ID. Sa kasamaang palad, nakalimutan ko ang parehong detalye at hindi ako makapag-log in sa aking account.

Upang patunayan ang aking pagkakakilanlan, nakalakip ako ng kopya ng aking driver’s license, consent letter, at larawan na hawak ko ang ID. Pakiabisuhan po ako kung mayroon pang ibang dokumento o impormasyon na kailangan kong ibigay.

Maaari ninyong ipadala ang email at client ID sa aking email address na

Maraming salamat sa tulong ninyo sa usaping ito. Inaasahan ko ang inyong tugon sa lalong madaling panahon.

[Your Name]


Recording your LTO Portal email address and client ID after creating an LTMS account is highly recommended to avoid the hassle of forgetting them. However, backups of login details can also be lost due to various circumstances. To ensure that you can always recover your lost or forgotten email address and LTO Client ID, you can use this tutorial. It will guide you through the process of recovering your login details so that you can regain access to your LTO portal account. Drive safe!

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