How to Reset LTMS Double Account Online

The LTO LTMS Portal account is essential for LTO transactions like renewing our driver’s license or applying for a student permit. We need to access our LTMS account to complete our transaction. However, sometimes we may encounter double account errors when logging in to the system. How can we fix this problem? In this article, we will guide you on how to reset your LTMS account online and resolve the double account issue.

What is the Cause of LTMS Double Account Issues?

The LTMS may show you the “You already have an existing account” issue if you have more than one account in the system. This usually happens because of expired email verification. When you sign up for an LTMS portal account, the LTO will send you an email to verify your active email address. You need to click a link in the email within 24 hours. But often, the email goes to the spam folder, which many people, especially those who are not very tech-savvy, seldom check. The email expires, and the LTMS account creation fails. Then, you try to create another account. But since you already have an LTO Client ID, the system will recognize it as a double account and prevent you from logging in.

LTO double existing account

Creating a new LTMS account and logging in does not solve the problem. You can take and pass the CDE and print the certificate, but you still cannot renew your license. The LTO will notice that you have a double account on your portal account and reject your CDE certificate. They will require you to use the first client number that you created, and that should match your CDE certificate. They will tell you to reset your LTMS portal account first before continuing with the renewal application.

Requirements to Reset LTMS Account

Before you proceed to reset your LTO portal account, please prepare the following requirements:

  1. An active email address: This is where you will receive your temporary password and other instructions.
  2. LTO Driver’s License: If you do not have a driver’s license yet, you can use any valid ID with a signature. Scan the front and back of the ID, then save it as a PDF or JPG.
  3. Letter of Consent: It must be handwritten and indicate that you allow LTO client care to change or retrieve your LTMS portal account. It must be dated on the same day as the request. Do not forget to write your name and signature. Scan it and save it as a PDF or JPG.
  4. Current photo of you holding your valid ID. Take a picture or a selfie holding your driver’s license or valid ID. Make sure to do it in a well-lit place. The ID must be recognizable and not blurry.

Sample Letter of Consent to LTO Client Care

Here are some samples of letters of consent to authorize LTO to reset your account. Copy it on a clean sheet of paper. The letter must be handwritten, legible, and bearing your name and signature.

October 25, 2023

Dear LTO Client Care,

I am writing this letter to request your assistance in resetting my LTMS account. I cannot log in to the LTMS due to a double account issue. I failed to confirm the confirmation email on my first account, so I created a new one.

I hereby give you my consent to access and retrieve my LTMS account under LTO Client ID Number xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx. You can also delete the other LTMS account under my name.

Please find attached a copy of my driver’s license and a current photo of me holding the same ID. My driver’s license number is xxx-xxx-xxx.

Thank you for your prompt and courteous service.


Your name and signature

How to Reset LTMS Double Account Issue Online?

You cannot delete your account in the LTMS by yourself, so you need to contact the LTO directly. However, you can reset your account online without going to an LTO office. To do this, please follow these simple steps:

STEP 1: Go to your email client or (if using gmail) or (if you are using yahoo mail).

STEP 2: Write your LTO Client ID, full name (surname, first name, middle name), license number, and email address used to create your client ID. Please check the image for your reference.

lto reset password email sample

STEP 3. Attach the digital copies of your ID, letter of consent, and photo of you holding the ID.

STEP 4: Send the email to or to reset your password or retrieve your LTO portal account.

Wait for 3–4 days for the LTO to send the new password, depending on the number of requests they receive per day. Use the temporary password to log in to your original LTMS account.

Email Format for LTO Client Care Account Recovery

Here is a sample email if you have trouble composing one:

CLIENT ID: 12-345678-9012345
Name: Dela Cruz, Juan Ramos
License Number: C02-1234567987

Dear LTO Client Care,

I am writing to request your assistance in resetting my LTMS portal account. I have a double account issue, and I cannot log in to the system due to multiple client IDs under my name.

My original client ID number is 12-345678-912345. Please reset the portal account with this client ID number and delete all the other accounts under my name.

I have attached a copy of my driver’s license, a letter of consent, and my picture holding my license as proof of my identity.

Thank you for your prompt response and action.

[Your Name]


The LTMS portal account is a useful tool for LTO transactions, but it can also cause problems if you have a double account. To avoid this, you need to verify your email within 24 hours of signing up and use only one account for your LTO client ID. If you encounter the double account issue, you can reset your LTMS account online by following the steps in this article and contacting LTO client care. By doing this, you can access your LTMS account and complete your transaction smoothly.

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