LTO Portal Exam for Renewal of License

The Republic Act No. 10930, signed by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte on August 2, 2017, aims to improve the policy on driver’s licenses in the Philippines. This law increases the validity of driver’s licenses from three to five years for new applicants and from five to ten years for renewals. However, it also requires drivers to take the Comprehensive Driver’s Education Course (CDE), an online course that teaches drivers about road safety, traffic laws, drivers’ responsibilities, traffic rules, and penalties. Drivers need to obtain a CDE certificate before they can apply for or renew their driver’s licenses.

In this article, we will explain more about the CDE, its benefits, how to take it, and how to get a CDE certificate. We will also provide you with some tips and resources to help you prepare for the LTO Portal Exam and become a better driver.

What is the Comprehensive Driver’s Education Course?

The Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) is a new requirement for all drivers in the Philippines who want to apply for or renew their driver’s licenses. The CDE is a five-hour online course that covers topics such as road safety, traffic laws, driver responsibilities, and penalties. The CDE aims to improve the skills and knowledge of drivers and reduce road accidents and violations.

The CDE course is available for free through the LTO portal, or it can be taken in person at any LTO-accredited driving schools or at the LTO Driver’s Education Center (LTO DEC) in select LTO offices. The course consists of modules that cover the following topics:

  • Road Safety: This module teaches drivers about road etiquette, stress and road rage management, traffic accident causes and prevention, engine breakdown causes and prevention, roadside emergencies and response, and driver’s duties, responsibilities, and legal rights.
  • Traffic Rules and Regulations: This module teaches drivers about road discipline, traffic signals, traffic signs, road markings, proper usage of highways and expressways, and land transportation-related laws.
  • Special Laws on Driving: This module teaches drivers about the Anti-Drunk and Drugged Driving Act (RA 10586), the Seatbelt Law (RA 8750), the Anti-Distraction Driving Law (RA 10913), and the Child Safety in Motor Vehicle Act (RA 11229).

What is the CDE Online Validation Exam?

After completing the course, drivers need to take a 25-item multiple-choice exam known as the CDE online validation exam or the LTO Portal Exam. The exam has no time limit, but drivers need to get at least 80% or 20 correct answers to pass. The exam is free when taken via the LTMS portal or LTO DEC, and it can be retaken immediately if the examinees fail.

Once drivers pass the exam, they will receive a CDE certificate, which is a free, no-expiry certificate that proves that they have completed the refresher course and have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to operate a motor vehicle safely and responsibly along Philippine roads. The CDE certificate is a prerequisite for both new applications and renewals of driver’s licenses.

How to Take the CDE Course?

There are different ways to take the CDE in the Philippines, depending on your preference and availability. You can take the CDE in person at any LTO-accredited driving schools, at the LTO Driver’s Education Center (LTO DEC) in select LTO offices, or online via the LTMS portal.

To take the CDE Course online, which is the most convenient option, go to the LTMS portal website. You can take it even if you do not have an account yet.

STEP 1: Using a computer or a smartphone with a good internet connection, go to If you are using a computer, click the E-Learning tab at the top-right corner of the page. If you are using a smartphone, click the graduation cap icon at the top corner of the screen.

click the CDE course

STEP 2: Click on the link that says “Driver’s License Renewal Course”. You will see two options for taking the course. You can either use the audiovisual option, which will play a video with sound, or you can use the presentation materials option, which will show you a Google Slides presentation with text and images. You can choose the option that suits your learning style and preferences.

STEP 3: To use the audiovisual option for the Driver’s License Renewal Course, you need to select the type of license you are applying for: Non-Professional or Professional. Depending on your choice, you will be directed to a series of YouTube video tutorials that cover the course topics. The videos are divided into three parts, and the total duration is five hours. You can watch the videos at your own pace and learn from the audio, subtitles, and visuals.

The Google Slides presentation, on the other hand, is divided into six (6) parts that cover the following topics:

  • Road Safety
  • Road and Traffic Rules
  • Special Laws (Light Vehicles)
  • Special Laws (Motorcycle and Tricycle)
  • Other Regulations
  • General Information

Wait for the slides to load. Please note that the slides will take a few seconds to load, even if you have a fast internet connection. Click the right or left arrow at the bottom to go to the next slide or go back to the previous slide.

How to Take the CDE Online Validation Exam

Upon completing the course, you are now eligible to take the LTO Portal Exam. If you are uncertain about your ability to pass the exam, you can utilize our free online CDE reviewer.

The examination is a 25-item test in a multiple-choice format. You need at least 80%, or 20 correct answers, to pass the examination.

STEP 1: To be able to take the examination, you need to have an LTMS account. To create one, please follow this guide: How to Create an LTMS Portal Account.

STEP 2: Log in to the system using the 15-digit username and the nominated password. Click the E-Learning tab in the upper-right corner of the screen.

STEP 3 : Click the CDE Online Validation Exam link, then click the Start Exam button.

click the exam link

STEP 4: Choose your desired exam language. The exam will start immediately after choosing the language. Read the questions and the choices carefully. Click the radio button to choose your answer, then click Next to proceed to the next question. If you want to go back to the previous questions to change your answer, click the left arrow.

You can take as much time as you need to answer the questions. When you are done, the system will let you know whether you have passed or failed the exam. If you do not pass, you can try again at any time. If you pass, the system will generate a CDE certificate that you can print later.

How to Print the CDE Certificate

After passing the LTO portal exam, you can now print the CDE certificate. To do this, please follow the instructions below:

1. Log in to the LTMS portal. Click the E-Learning tab, then choose the CDE Online Validation Exam option.

2. You can see the certificate on the screen. Click on it to view the content. A pop-up window will appear, and you can see the result and the certificate number.

3. If you have a printer, click the printer icon located at the top-left portion of the screen. Then, use the drop-down button to select your printer. After that, click on the ‘More Settings’ option to set the paper size. You can print it in any size, whether it’s long bond paper or short bond paper. Do not worry; LTO will accept either size.

Print or save the certificate

4. If you don’t have a printer at home and need to print the certificate elsewhere, click the download icon located at the top-left portion of the screen. You can save it on a USB flash drive or an external hard drive for later printing.

Please note that some LTO District Offices and licensing centers do not accept printed CDE certificates due to trust issues. They are concerned that the person who took the exam is not the same as the one applying for renewal, as there are many fixers who offer this service for a fee. If they do not accept your printed certificate, be prepared to take the CDE on site at LTO.


The Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) course offered by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) is an essential step for every aspiring driver in the Philippines. This course provides individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills for safe and responsible driving, as well as a thorough understanding of traffic rules and regulations. Although the process of taking the CDE exam and obtaining the certificate may seem challenging to some, with proper preparation and understanding, it can be a smooth journey. Remember, the goal of this course is not just to pass the exam and get a certificate, but to become a competent and responsible driver. So buckle up and drive safe! 

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